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Course information

Course Title: Junior First Aider - Basic life support

Suitable for all ages

Maximum of 15 students per session


A minimum of 3 contact hours consisting of scenario based practical work


Although there is no formal assessment, the trainer will assess each student throughout the course and a Junior First Aider certificate will be issued to the learner.


A range of subjects is covered, including;


The course Instructor is responsible for determining whether delegates pass or fail based on practical and oral assessment throughout the course, as well as the completion of a multiple-choice question paper. The Instructor will only award a pass if he/she believes that delegates have displayed the requisite understanding and competencies and successfully completed the question paper.

Junior First Aider

Basic Life Support

This is a short course in basic life support for juniors. The aim of this course is to enable all students to deal

with basic first aid situations at home or at play, and give them the knowledge of what to do when playground injuries occur. Suitable for children of all ages they will learn the basic skills while they play and teach them what to do in case of an incident where they are on their own or even as a group and teach them important

life skills.

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